Lostwinds 2: Winters Of The Melodias

7/4/2012 5:41:54 PM

The original LostWinds, ported from WiiWare to iOS, was largely praised for some lush presentation and some clever puzzles, but it was also criticized for some less than precise controls. In this sequel, the story remains the same as we get more of the good, and sadly, more of the bad.

You play again as Toku, the wind-riding protagonist from the original. On a quest to find his missing mother, Toku comes across a village at the base of Summerfalls Mountain, a village frozen to the core despite its name.

Description: Lostwinds 2: Winters Of The Melodias

Toku is reunited with his mother and then begins a long quest to find the spirit who can bring an end to the eternal winter. Slowly unraveling, the story for Winter of the Melodias takes place through journal pages found scattered around each level providing a great deal of intrigue until it all comes together.

Once again there is a vibrancy that allows players to be completely caught up in the whimsy and serenity of it all. The environments and characters are beautifully crafted yet again and the ability to control the reasons makes for a cool gameplay concept but also adds to the already excellent presentation.

Controls are handled by some promising and overtly natural touch screen controls similar to the first. Toku can manipulate the wind to carry him upwards, blow away enemies and throw objects onto the ground to trigger switches. This wind can also carry flames onto ice and vegetation allowing Toku to navigate the environments.

This is all done by swiping the screen to conjure a breeze while moving left and right is done by tapping the screen. Thankfully there is a virtual joystick but like the original, precision is lacking so accuracy can take some practice. This is a shame as precision is key to platforming success not to mention the combat and puzzle sequences that demand a degree of accuracy that never seems reachable.

Description: Lostwinds 2: Winters Of The Melodias

It’s extra disappointing when you see how great the level design and overall gameplay is. Every stage is densely layered with various platforms, pathways, torches and switches requiring a good deal of exploration and evaluation to crack the code. With over 20 zones to explore there is a real satisfying amount of game here especially as you jump between winter and summer to uncover previously hidden areas and objects.

Quality side scrolling platformers can be hard to come by on iOS and unfortunately, the control issues let down what is a very good game with some truly memorable graphics, environments, characters and spirited gameplay. If not for the accuracy, this would be a perfect score but in spite of the same issue that brings it down, LostWinds 2 shouldn’t really be missed either.

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