Canon EOS 650D: entry-level DSLR with vari-angle capacitive touchscreen

7/31/2012 9:25:27 AM

Although belonging to the entry-level segmentation for DSLR newbies, EOS 65D is endowed with capacitive-type vari-angle touchscreen, Hybrid-AF system and the newest DIGIC 5 processor. It is a small-sized camera which is easily held in palms. You can hold it comfortably and firmly with one hand.

Description: Canon EOS 650D

Canon EOS 650D

The camera cover is made of metal. Both lift-ups are covered with a rough rubber layer which helps user to hold more firmly. The remarkable feature is the 3-inch touchscreen. It is a capacitive rather than resistive type. You can review the taken photos, slide to move pictures, pinch your fingers on the screen to zoom in and out and even set up figuration on this screen without using the sub-screen because 650D has only this screen. Other operations on the touchscreen are fairly simple as the interface is not dramatically different from the previous versions. The touchscreen is able to be folded and rotated towards the front to take the photos of the owner himself.

On the screen, it is impossible to change ISO, apertures, modes, etc. In the individual aspect, I would prefer to set the classical figuration, combining wheels and other stiffen buttons on the camera body which helps to adjust the figures without looking at the screen or taking the camera off. It is useful for demonstration. Meanwhile, you have to take the camera off to adjust figures in the ordinary touchscreen. Despite being equipped with an adjusting wheel near the shutter button and stiffen ISO button but they are located too close to each other so it is difficult to operate with only right hand.

Description: On the screen, it is impossible to change ISO, apertures, modes, etc

On the screen, it is impossible to change ISO, apertures, modes, etc.

Not that simple, most of the control buttons of 650D are crammed to the right path, and the right thumbnail will be responsible for too many functions, pressing too many buttons while the left one just does nothing but holding the camera and lens. This drawback slows down the operation speed of users, unintentionally. The mode button is not flexible enough so you have to use both hands to move it.

In terms of soft wares, EOS 650D is equipped with the Hybrid AF system, combining between the phase detection and contrast detection AF, supporting the more rapid and accurate autofocusing while taking photos and recording videos. In addition, Canon EOS 650D is able to focus continuously using its Hybrid AF system while recording and 2 microphones on the top can record with stereo-quality. Canon revealed that EOS was the very first entry-level camera equipped with DIGIC 5 processor, which helped to process more rapidly and to take nicer pictures.

In conclusion, EOS 650D is fairly suitable for the youngsters who are new to DSLR and not very strict in photographing. However, if you are taking it seriously and having intention to knit to DSLR, 650D may not be a good choice, because you may find it unfamiliar to bump into another DSLR. RRP is approximately USD 905 with an EF-S 18-55mm. 

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