Corel VideoStudio Pro X6 Ultimate - A Surprisingly Power-Packed Yet

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7/29/2013 5:15:51 PM

Corel's new VideoStudio X6, introduces 64-bit and multi-processor support

The recent update for Corel's VideoStudio Pro naturally includes a few new features, and addresses a couple of issues reported by its users. Yet, for my money, the biggest step forward has been the introduction of a 64-bit version, with full multi-core processor support. So what else is new?

Well, to start with, Corel's added Motion Tracking which, as its name suggests, allows you to track a moving object while the movie runs, creating an editable path that follows the action. The idea being that you can use the resulting track to overlay another video clip, object, graphic or text, that will automatically keep station with the original subject. You can also use this feature to create a mosaic pattern over a car number plate or face for example, just like they do on programs like CrimeWatch.

VideoStudio Pro X6 Ultimate

If you want to quickly create moving picture in picture, or titles, you can use the same feature, but rather than using the tracking option you can create the path manually Another new option called Match Motion takes this a stage further, by matching the new object you've created to the on-screen action. Let me explain: if the subject is moving towards you in the frame, it will naturally appear larger. So using the Match Motion dialogue you can slowly increase the size of the overlaid object to match. This is quite a powerful feature with quite sophisticated controls. For example you can add a border or shadow, change the opacity and size as I've just mentioned, even ease the motion in or out to make it look more natural.

If you have a DSLR camera, the new Stop Motion feature allows you to control your camera while it's connected to your PC or Windows-based Pad. In this mode you have control of all your cameras features, from the normal aperture and speed, to the various effects that most cameras include these days.

This allows you to create stop motion or animations using the Video Studio editor in real time. It's a more fluid method than capturing the video footage first, and then transferring it to your PC for further editing.

You can import from just about ant digital source

You can import from just about ant digital source

Without doubt, video tutorials are becoming the accepted method of teaching people how to use applications, particularly those that are complex, multi-faceted and difficult to fully describe in a manual. The addition of a screen capture utility in this package means you can easily create these yourself. You could also use it for creating offline webcasts or video presentations.

Another useful and potentially time saving facility is the import of multi-layer graphics. At the moment this only caters for PSP (PaintShop Pro) files, but will split the layers within the file into separate tracks on the timeline. Very useful if you want to create animations, or stop motion videos where the subject would possibly need to be animated over the existing background.

Video Studio Pro now has a dedicated Subtitle editor, capable of automatically detecting speech. It has to be said that this needs to be clear speech, without any invasive background noise, or it simply cannot cope. Nevertheless, it will create a list of subtitle timeframes, so rather than scrubbing through the whole video you can find the appropriate point where the subtitles should be inserted.

Incidentally, the ultimate version reviewed here includes a Premium Special Effects Pack that's not included in the standard Pro package.

Finally, the program now supports Ultra HD images up to 3840 x 2160 resolution. Which caters for users of the latest high end DSLRs. It also includes a new variable speed feature, that creates slow or fast motion effects to suit the style and content of your video.

Incidentally, the ultimate version reviewed here includes a Premium Special Effects Pack that's not included in the standard Pro package.


·         Price: $120

·         Manufacturer: Corel

·         Website:

·         Required Spec: Windows XP or newer, Intel Core Duo 1.83 GHz, AMD Dual-core 2.0GHz, 2GB RAM (4GB recommended), 128 MB VGA VRAM (1GB recommended)