Complete Guide for Your PC & How to Buy It (Part 1) - Choose PC System

4/20/2012 5:18:38 PM

Choose PC System

Follow these steps to find your ideal specification:

Processor: Intel Core i3-2100 3.1GHz

Memory: 3GB

Hardware: 500GB

Storage: DVD writer

Music: integrated

Speaker: stereo

Graphics: integrated

Screen: LCD 22 inch wide-range

Addition: memory card reader

Connector: 6 USB, network

Software: Windows Home Premium 64bit

Basic: mouse, keyboard

These are proposed minimum specifications

Description: Complete Guide for Your PC & How to Buy It (Part 1)


  1. Above specifications are good starting for building your ideal system. This PC will cost $550 and capable of running office software, multimedia or educational software daily, along with anything on the internet. It can play DVD movies, but they are not so impressive, and the modern game is impossible.
  2. The size and shape of the PC are more important than before. A mini PC is more expensive and provides less improvement ability but does not take much space on the desk. If you want a media center PC, you should buy a PC that suitable with other electronic equipment in the living room.
  3. If you enjoy playing game, you should upgrade to better graphics card. The cheap card with graphics processor Radeon HD 6750 will cope with this year games, but for playing future games smoothly (and enjoy recent great graphics), it is worth to upgrade to a stronger card such as Radeon HD 6790. The more powerful cards can be inserted into standard PCI Express x16 slot, so you can always upgrade later if you have it on motherboard. SLI and CrossFire systems with many graphics cards are rarely commensurate with their hassle or expense.
  4. All modern PCs come with dual-core processor, and is capable for performing difficult tasks. The only exception is the nettop. Anyone who regularly performs heavy tasks as video editing and encoding should consider quad core processor.

Description: Complete Guide for Your PC & How to Buy It (Part 1)

  1. There are many reasons to upgrade memory or hard drive. If you use PC for gaming, video editing or other heavy tasks, you will want 4GB of RAM and larger hard drive - 1TB would be quite enough.
  2. A quality sound system will improve all aspects of PC operation. To listen to the surrounded soundtrack of a DVD, you will need 5.1 speaker system. Game also use the 5.1 system. If you do not like game or DVD, find a pair of stereo speakers with a subwoofer to increase the bass. If you want to listen to music or want better sound quality, you will need a dedicated sound card.
  3. All PC comes with wide-angle screen. In addition to ideal for watching movies, they bring more natural feeling when work on panoramic images or extent spreadsheets. You should find the screen size of at least 22in diagonally. Most 22in screens have a resolution of 1920x1080, also known as Full HD or 1080p. You can buy the larger 24in screens for $180, which will have equivalent resolution but easier to read. Determine whether you want glossy display or not. They improve contrast and create brighter images but easily reflect light on top and light, which is very annoying.
  4. The standard connectors can be improved with additional USB ports, things that most PC accessories attached with. Some new PCs have USB3 port, providing faster data transmission than devices that are supported. Look for a card reader if you have a digital camera, and make sure the camera's memory card is supported.
  5. Windows 7 Home Premium is preinstalled on most new PCs. Any available additional software should be evaluated. You may probably never use it. However, you can find a PC includes softwares that you should pay for it, so you can save a lot of money if it was loaded.
  6. If you only perform basic tasks, consider buying nettop. The cheap PCs, low power are ideal for daily computing tasks like web browsing and using Office applications. They contain the same components as netbooks and they are very efficient in saving energy. Some netbooks have optical drive to burn and play DVDs and CDs. However, the more compact models do not have enough space for these drives.
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