Angry Bomber

4/12/2012 4:13:14 PM

Description: Angry Bomber

Angry Bomber is a side scrolling blow’em up, putting you in charge of a bomber aircraft to, er, blow everything up. You see, in the year 2025 a global company called Happy Corp takes over the world. While their intentions were good, the world of Happy Corp is actually quite the opposite, and they took the world for all it had to offer. That’s not a happy thought, Happy Corp! Not happy at all.

As the last group holding out, you take to the skies to bomb absolutely everything with a happy face or shoot their smiting faces right out of the air in something reminiscent of the classic Choplifter. Destroying the enemy earns you points that can then be spent on upgrading your aircraft’s engine or armor. Medals can be earned for fulfilling various objectives such as destroying every enemy building.

As an endless runner style game this would be pretty straightforward, but the player actually has some control over the aircraft. Originally a player was required to touch the plane and drag it to the required spot. Luckily in a recent update the developer introduced a new analogue flight stick that allowed players to move freely and concentrate on blowing everything up.

Firing guns and dropping bombs is easy too, you just tap to fire guns or bomb everything on the ground. It’s a good thing the new movement controls were introduced as previous versions were clumsy and frustrating. You might find that you accidentally press the wrong icon or end up taking your plane straight down into the dirt.

Doing away with those clunky touch controls has saved this game from being a dud. But, while it has a strong back story, some colorful presentation and a decent amount of addictiveness about it, it’s not really a genre defining game. The pace is a little slow and when there are 30+ levels this can drag but Angry Bomber isn’t a bad game. It’s just not as entertaining as one might expect.

Going in, I was anticipating something little more absurd given the premise, like bombing lovable, happy faces for making the world too happy. Instead it’s quite a morbid storyline that although strong, is a bit of a downer in a world of fun and ridiculous apps designed to entertain until the very last bonus level has been released.

Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.

Requires 105 4.0 or later

Price: $0.99

Category: Games

Updated: Feb 25, 2012

Version: 1.2

Size: 19.3 MB

Languages: English

Seller: Michael Landon

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