iPhone 5 rumors fueled by new iPad released

4/13/2012 1:47:39 PM

Description: iPhone 5 rumors fueled by new iPad released

The new iPad wasn't even on shelves yet and already its release was fueling rumors about the iPhone 5, regarding tech specs and date. Of course, as is the norm with Apple, they are mum on the whole thing and everything is completely left to speculation.


4G LTE (Long Term Evolution) is the next obvious mark for the iPhone. The smartphone was originally released with 2G speed, then moved up to 3G with the iPhone 3G. There are other smartphones on the market that employ 4G LTE speed, so why not the iPhone? It should be noted that LTE isn't true 4G speed and closer to the technology of 3G, though faster.

It would seem almost certain that the iPhone 5 would include 4G LTE. This technology has been wanted, requested, and rumored for many editions of the iPhone, but has been absent every single time. Now that it's available for the new iPad, it would seem quite strange for Apple to ignore adding it to the iPhone.

Larger Screen

Another item sitting on the request list for a long time has been a larger screen. Reportedly the biggest holdout in the iPhone getting this improvement was Steve Jobs. He opposed the larger screen, but with Jobs passing away last year will Apple finally shelve his wishes and cater to the wishes of the rest of the Apple community?

The rumor is that the iPhone 5 screen size will be increased, bumping up to a four-inch screen. The thought is that the iPhone will become longer and/or more square. There's an additional rumor that it will feature a curved back and taper off at the top and the bottom. Is it too soon to be ignoring Steve Jobs' wishes?

Quad-Core Chip

The new iPad just received a big performance boost with a quad-core A5X chip. However, the iPhone 4S received a similar boost last fall when it was released. It features the dual-core A5 chip, one that gave it twice the power and led to the graphics loading seven times faster.

Some sources say that the iPhone 5 won't be receiving A5X, but will be receiving the even better A6 chip that is also quad-core. However, is another boost to performance? It could very well be; yet it would be quite disappointing to not have an iPhone on the market that has quad-core, yet have an iPad that does.


The iPhone 4 was released with a design that incorporated the antenna into the stainless steel frame that surrounded the case. Shortly after its release, customers complained of dropped calls, and it was determined that when an area of the case was held, it interfered with the antenna and caused the dropped calls. Apple then gave out free cases to solve the issue. It fixed the phone itself with the iPhone 4S release, by having the phone use two antennas, and utilize whichever one wasn't being covered up.

If the design is being completely made over, especially with screen size, it would be a great time to get rid of the antenna problem altogether and find somewhere else to put it where it doesn't interfere at all. Since the change in the iPhone 4S, however, it doesn't seem to be a change that's on the minds of consumers.

Aluminum Body

The original iPhone featured an aluminum backing and plastic and chrome frame. After that, the iPhone composition switched to being a combination of plastic and chrome, eliminating the aluminum. The talk now is that the iPhone could be making a return to the aluminum case, resembling the iPad. Who knows, maybe it's a way to pacify the memory of Steve Jobs if they indeed start making changes that he was vehemently against.


The release of the iPhone 4S brought iOS 5, while the new iPad only updated the iOS to 5.1. It would seem like a disappointment if a new iPhone was only upgraded to 5.2. We want iOS 6. That's always half the fun of a new iOS device - playing with the new software. 5.2 just wouldn't be enough.


One speculation surrounding the next generation of iPhone is what the name will be. Technically, we've seen six models, with the original iPhone, iPhone 2, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, and iPhone 4S. Will Apple keep with the odd naming structure and now move to iPhone 5? Or will it follow the current trend with the iPad?

The third generation IPad, instead of being called the iPad 3, is labeled simply "the new iPad." Will this just be "the next iPhone?" Is Apple ready to abandon naming structures entirely? I hope not, as it makes it very hard to differentiate which one you're talking about when they release a new one every year.

Release Date

This brings into question the final speculation, when we can expect to have the iPhone in stores. There are multiple rumors out there and no one really knows for sure. New iPhones were traditionally released in the summer, until last year when the iPhone 4S was released in the fall. Is this the new annual release date?

With the new iPad having just been released on March 7, and OS X Mountain Lion expected to be released this summer, it seems like there isn't really a lot of room there to fit in an exciting iPhone release. There's also the question of how Apple would handle the contract issue. They routinely adjust pricing to help out people who are in the middle of a two-year contract. What would they do for people who are still in their first year after just buying the iPhone 4S less than a year ago?

Perhaps the reason for moving the iPhone 4S to the fall was to begin spacing things out so that they will always have a spring, sumnner, and fall release. iPods used to get upgraded in the fall, but those took a backseat to the iPhone last fall. Where will they fall in?


The truth is that all of this is simply speculation, from the specs to the capabilities to the name to the expected release date. There isn't any information that is known for sure, although some of it is definitely very strong conjecture.

I suspect that's the way that Apple likes it. The more we speculate and discuss rumors on forums and blogs, the more it seems to fuel the desire to have one. By the time of the actual release date, consumers seem to be whipped into a frenzy and ready for any type of excitement. Even the new iPad release wasn't known for sure. The invites only said, "We have something for you to see. And touch." It was just heavy speculation that It was the new iPad and updated Apple TV, which in fact it was.

I'm hoping for a summer release, as I'm sitting on an iPhone 3GS after delaying a planned upgrade with an unfortunate toilet drop. I'll be able to upgrade next month. I don't want to wait until fall, but I hate to get stuck with a two-year contract on an iPhone 4S if the iPhone 5 is coming out in the fall. I'm hoping my new iPad will be enough to satisfy me until the fall, but it certainly won't stop me from checking the iPhone 5 rumor mill weekly.

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