The best music apps for your iOS Device (Part 2) - Guitar Toolkit, iSHRED, Ringtone Designer Pro, Discovr Music

4/13/2012 5:16:55 PM

Guitar Toolkit

Description: Guitar Toolkit

Guitarists look no further. Guitar Toolkit is the only app you need. It's a hefty price but it's worth it as this app can help to make you a better guitar player. It's basically a teacher in your pocket supporting 6, 7 and 12 string guitar, 4, 5 and 6 string bass, banjo, mandolin and even ukulele!

There's a huge amount of chords, scales and arpeggio's, displayed notes and finger positioning, various tuning options and precise metronome with tempo tap, 25 sound effects and 22 time signatures. If you spring for Guitar Toolkit+ in app, then you'll gain access to an advanced metronome, interactive chord sheets and custom instruments.

This isn't just an app, this is quality software and you most certainly get what you pay for here. Anyone wanting to learn the guitar, but don't yet have the money or even the instrument, will find this unbelievably useful and you'll be playing Stairway to Heaven in no time.




Description: iSHRED

If patience isn't your thing and Guitar Toolkit is too involved, then you can cut corners with iShred! This is a guitar and effects app that turns your phone into a virtual fret board where you play individual chords and notes with a built in amp simulator and a range of pedals, such as Fuzz, Wah, and Chorus.

iShred provides users with a library of approximately 2000 pre-defined chords and scales that you configure in an area above the fretboard. After you've selected the amp and effects you're ready to jam by holding down the buttons above your fretboard and playing chords and melodies. And with a little practice you can throw a little flair in there too as if you were Slash.

It's not as simple as cutting corners, there is still a learning curve, but you can produce "real music" almost immediately that can be played on your devices or shared with other iShred users through AirPlay. It's not as detailed as Guitar Toolkit but there's 'A Whole Lotta Love' for this app and it's great fun to use.


Ringtone Designer Pro

Description: Ringtone Designer Pro

This is app was the #1 paid app in over 30 countries for a reason. Ringtone Designer Pro is a one stop shop for creating ringtones, text and alert tones using songs in your devices music library. You just select the song, swipe the audio wave to select a clip and bam! Create a ringtone.

Users get up to a 40 second ringtone with a 0.2 second accuracy and it's much easier and quicker than having to create them on your computer. But, if you need a tutorial, one can be found within the app itself but the ease of use and convenience Is the big thing this app has going for it.


Discovr Music

There's never been more music available than right now and this is the ultimate app to find and discover that new music. All you have to do is type in an artist you like, and Discovr Music presents a handful of similar artists in an ultra-intuitive flowchart that continues to seed the more you click on the various artists displayed.

Eventually you have a web or a family tree like presentation of connected and interconnected artists that may or may not have something in common with the original artist you searched. Recommendations are seemingly endless and you'll spend hours following the rabbit hole.

Double tapping the artist takes you to a bio and lists the tracks you can preview or buy from iTunes. There are also links to YouTube videos and blogs presenting the user with a wonderfully sourced eco-system to help you discover you're new favorite band.

Description: Discovr Music Description: Discovr Music

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