EnhanceMy8 Pro v1.1.1 - Windows 8 Tweaking And Customisation Tool

1/20/2013 9:06:46 AM

Good Windows 8 tweaking and customisation tool

Windows 8 hasn’t been out very long, but already there are tweaking tools that enable you to customize it and optimize it. SeriousBit has an EnhanceMy XP, Vista, 7 and now 8 for Windows 8 owners. There are free and Pro versions and it is the more feature rich Pro version that is on test here. By all means check out the freebie if you're short on cash though.

EnhanceMy8 Pro v1.1.1

EnhanceMy8 looks right at home in Windows 8 and it has a modern and easy to use interface. There are six tabs across the top of the window and a ribbon style toolbar below that contains all the functions. The first tab is Information, which displays quite detailed information about the computer such as the Windows version and build number, the processor name, speed, type, and specifications, the motherboard and memory, video card and information from various internal sensors like the temperature. It’s interesting to browse the information.

The Tools tab shows the processes and services much like Task Manager, but really they aren’t any better than Windows tools. More useful is the registry cleaner. This scans the registry for errors and then presents them in a list. The registry can be backed up then you can select the items to be repaired and fix them. A disk cleaner searches for junk and temporary files and deletes them to free up space. You can view startup items and disable unwanted ones and there's a disk defragmenter that can be used to optimize the disk. These tools are okay, but none of them are really outstanding and there are better ones available elsewhere.

EnhanceMy8 Pro v1.1.1

The Tools tab shows the processes and services much like Task Manager, but really they aren’t any better than Windows tools.

On the System tab is System Tools and File, Network, Security Tools. There are many utilities in Windows that are either hard to find or must be run by entering obscure commands into the Run box or command prompt window. Even if you're familiar with some of them, there are likely to be others you haven’t heard of and they are all here on buttons where they are easy to access. There are around 60 buttons and it is a useful resource.

The Optimizations and Customizations tabs enable you to change some of Windows 8’s settings and customize the way it works. There's a useful list of services that can be disabled and a comment describing their function. For example, there's ‘I don’t have a pen pad’, ‘I have no scanner or digital camera’ and others. Timers used when shutting down can be modified to speed up the process, and there's a collection of settings for modifying the taskbar properties and icons. A context menu editor enables you to remove unwanted or troublesome items on the right-click menu.

EnhanceMy8 Pro v1.1.1

On the System tab is System Tools and File, Network, Security Tools.

With a name like EnhanceMy8 and knowing Windows 8’s irritations, I had expected more tweaking and customization features. This isn’t going to smooth the wrinkles in Windows 8. It's a reasonably good but not exceptional clean up tool. Its best features are the information screens and easy access to system tools.


·         Price: $30

·         Manufacturer: SeriousBit

·         Website:

·         Required spec: Windows 8 (32/64-bit), 1GB RAM, 1GHz processor, 20MB HDD space


·         Quality: 7

·         Value: 7

·         Overall: 7


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