Tablet for offices and being on street

3/22/2012 4:55:29 PM

Tablet for offices and being on street

Sally runs Sally’s Sunny Daycare in an area she rents at the shopping mall. Randy owns A1 Painting, a paint company he runs at home. Both have a tablet, and both gain a lot of benefits from it in commercial facet. How? Actually, there are many ways.

In addition to keeping an eye on the salary sheets for Sally’s part-time assistants, a tablet enables her to jot down the schedule, have access to emergency contact information and write memos; then create emails and weekly news reports which are related to the forth-coming trips, study plans, vacations and so on. During the trips, she takes photos and records videos by tablet from which she would use later for advertising materials and news. At home, she sets up plans for lunch menus; updates the inventories, and shops online for toys, books and other materials. In her spare time, she uses tablet to read ebooks which are attached video and cartoon.

While, Rand gets used to bring along with him many painting samples and wood dyes in order to coordinate the color schemes with customers. At the moment, tablets allow him to surf over more images from paint suppliers, together with the previous jobs’ images. While working, he can have a look at home design, make an order, and even read news at lunch. At home, he can make contracts and join auctions, make an order list, update inventory information, set up the schedules for the up-coming tasks, and monitor working hours of his four staffs.

Apple had sold billion of iPad thanks to the user interface, nice design and the availability of millions applications

Tablet at work

Those are two examples of the way tablets give us practical producing benefits, save time, and stay effective at offices or at home (SOHO). Furniture designers, event planners, freelancers, home builders, customers, consultants, architects, project managers, sellers, cameramen, repairing stores and so on have benefits. With the increasing number of tablet users, Zeff Zbar, the founder of, said that who use SOHO can all seek out some good things from tablets.

“With people who need instruction or rewrite the attendance book, or check the number of working hours needed for accomplishing a project in order to write receipts, possibly make a presentation about a digital investment index, post something on the Internet, even establish a web page or make a short online conversation with somebody and so on, a tablet is an almost perfect tool.”.

Richard Shim, DisplaySearch’s high-level analysis, said that SOHO users already have a core computer, so finding tablet’s additional support is unnecessary.

“Basically what they want is to have access to the information faster, and in their small office (might be at home), they can balance different kinds of task at the same time. Whether you can access the information faster or not allows you to make better decisions in shorter time, be more flexible and increase more productivity”.

Many analysis’s and experts in the field agree that tablets are especially beneficial to organizations which set the high priority for visual information. For instance, tablets can simplify the task of displaying samples, materials and real examples for customers of furniture designers. “The actual matter is that computing is becoming more and more visual because we are partly transferring the previous applications to increase productivity”, Shim stated.

Martin Frid-Nielsen, CEO of Soonr, services base on cloud to organize and share the resources to rise up productivity. He believes that the current economy is making small companies “save by applying creative methods, such as creating virtual offices where staffs work at home and meet customers as they are doing it in coffee shops. Tablets’ mobile capability and internet connection options are perfect to “introduce a project or share a demo with potential customers”, he said. “And because almost all tablets have longer battery duration than laptops, you do not need to worry about finding a seat near the socket”.

Furthermore, he said that through services based on cloud, small enterprises’ owners who usually work outside “are just being away from team members and important materials by a mouse click”.

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