Renew SleepClock Review

9/7/2012 9:07:27 AM

This device is black and as big as a half of the pumpkin, it allows you to listen to FM radio and high quality music. It also has the feature of “intelligent alarm” that is good for health.

Description: Renew SleepClock review

Renew SleepClock review

Renew SleepClock - biological alarm clock of Gear4 (UK) is an interesting toy for iOS devices such as iPhone, iPod, iPad. It allows using many free applications on iOS and has a special feature on technology: “smart alarm - improving health”.

SleepClock Renew can listen to FM radio (FM radio programs can be used as alarm signal), listening to music on iPhone, iPad, iPod or computer... Besides, Gear4 has two sensors with “god eyes” to monitor, measure, draw the user’s breath graph and movements in their sleep. These sensors determine the level of breathing and movement of the user correctly, and then it will wake you up when the body is ready. The owner of Renew SleepClock will awake comfortably.

IOS users can download free applications from the App Store, install and use the applications to monitor their sleep each night. The application will draw the sleeping graph to report. The employer will find out how to sleep better. Employers can research daily, weekly and monthly data and can compare to others (if allowed).

To help you sleep and wake up, Gear4 offers a descending music list to bring people to dream and set the ascending alarm option at wake up time. The alarm options can be the broadcast, iPod music list or available music in the equipment.

In the sound test, we listen to FM radio at91MHz, 94MHz, 104.5 MHzchannels... the radio voice is clear without noise. The music tracks through FM are clear, friendly, and easy to listen. In the small and medium room, you can turn the volume at maximum level (40).

With iPhone, the song Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word that Elton John sang, at highest volume of iPhone and Renew SleepClock, it’s just enough to hear, by half of the volume when listening to the FM radio at the highest level (40). However, sound is realistic, low, despite not being in detail. Listening to music via Dell Vostro 1310 laptop with 128 Kp/s mp3 file songs, we felt low, medium and high notes but the bass was not much.

When listening to 128 Kp/s MP3 directly from the Vostro 1310 computer, the song “Autumn kiss” presented by singer Alla Pugacheva, the listener feel the music more fully. Listen to the CD is better. The song Coming winter is real with better bass and treble (the sound of the percussion) – the advantage of Renew SleepClock.

Then, in an Acoustic CD, we listened to the song “Rain” with the dedicated CDP Pioneer PD-3000... Medium and high notes were good, detailed, bright, sharp, enough vibration. Renew SleepClock can listen to music as good as FM radio with dedicated heads.

There is a small note: To ensure the bass, you should put a moderate volume at 30-35 because Renew SleepClock was designed for listening in a small room at night, so in high level of volume the drums, bass are broken.

With biological alarm, there are two alarm modes for working days and holidays. In Weekdays mode, setting alarm from 6 pm to 7 am, using Rainforest in Australia as the alarm sound, pressing the Go To Sleep... following morning, tester will wake up comfortably in the bird sound of the song. Renew Sleep Clock gives a good sleeping report, a deep sleeping night after a working week.

The main features

Alarm 2 times a day through FM program; music is taken from iPhone, iPad or iPod or ringtones.

Two built-in sensors measure breathing and sleep movement of users

LED display

2 Wake Up Times, optimal the user’s sleep.

FM Radio

iPhone, iPad, iPod charge

Line in music from the computer

Adapter source to plug into AV 100V-240V power

General comments


Monitor and report details the sleep.

Not shocking waking up

Good FM

Compact, portable


Music listening required specialized equipment

Product Overview

This is a useful device for Apple fans who are interested in sleep and health. Due to modern technology, the price is high with the function as a supportive device for the iPhone, iPad...

Description: Renew SleepClock

Renew SleepClock



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