The New iPad: answer your questions

3/28/2012 7:01:01 PM

The New iPad: answer your questions

From 4G LTE at England to issue options and price, Karen Haslam answers all questions about your third generation’s iPad.

Description: Ultrafast 4G LTE

Do I hear 4G? It is so exciting.

Wait. It is 4G LTE. LTE is the abbreviation of Long Term Evolution, and 4G which is a bit ‘buying a pig in a poke’. In 2009, people determined that 4G standard would provide speed at 100Mbps when you are moving (in a car, for example), and 1Gbps, or 1 gigabyte per second when you are not moving. 4G LTE (or fake G) of Apple just provides 73Mbps.

Ok. So, it is not 4G but still faster than 3G that we have, right?

Basic 3G must provide at least 200kbps (kilobyte/second – equivalent to 0.2Mbps). It is likely that 3G you receive is faster than that number. There are endless of standards with 3G ‘mark’ proving faster speed – in reality, Phil Schiller of Apple mentioned some on his presentation, when he showed off that the new iPad has most of wireless bandwidths of any device that has ever been announced.

EV-DO = 3.1Mbps

HSPA 7.2 = 7.2Mbps

HSPA+ = 21Mbps

DC-HSDPA = 42Mbps

LTG 4G = 73Mbps

Description: The New iPad

Right! But I want the best. Give me 4G LTE!

England is quite slow when talking about mobile network upgrade. As Apple’s excitement about 4G LTE shows that the standard has been used in the US. And not only does the US beat us on this field, Germany, Sweden, France, and Itali also outdistance us about 4G. It is really disappointing.

So, what caused the delay?

Ofcom – telecommunication supervision organization – is considered to auction parts of radio frequency supporting 4G services. This auction was planned to be held at the beginning of 2012, but Ofcom delayed it due to ‘strong reactions and arguments’.

What are concerns?

Ofcom feels it is necessary to have other consultancies since decisions ‘can fix mobile segment’s future at England in the next decade or more’.

It is quite fair. But it was Oct. They have not finished thinking yet, have not they?

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