The choices of mobile computing for SOHO users (part 3)

3/22/2012 4:55:40 PM

The choices of mobile computing for SOHO users (part 3)


Netbook characteristics are normally small and light, not focusing on its power and features, but pay attention more on the portable, internet accessing and cheaper price.These netbooks are always be available at $300 or less, they have different input and the minimum storage and other interesting things. However, you should expect there will be an optical drive, game port, Bluetooth or any powerful CPU. Generally, they will have 10.1 inch screen, maximum RAM will be 1GB, and the storage can be limited with 160GB optical drive or a samller SSD.

However, do not let the small size and the lack of those cumbersome accessories make you want to change your mind about netbooks. If all you need is something portablere3cheap for working with short database, reading and sending emails, web surfing, then it can be the gadget that you canlook for. You have Wi-Fi, one Ethernet port, a super light version of Windows or the newest Linux version, and maybe, an installed webcam. With that prize, there is no way you can beat netbook with this fast computing ability, easy and cheap and when your requirements are minimum.

Asus Eee PC 1001P Seashell ($299,99) is the typical example for netbooks, with Intel Atom microprocessor, 1GB RAM, 160GB hard drives, and an installed webcam.

Tablet and convertible tablet

The tablet market was revived (some people call it “redefine”) because of the releasing of Apple’s most popular tablet: iPad. Tablets are bigger than the mobile phones or PDAs, with the touch screen. In definition, these “slate” tablets are all missing physical key boards, even though most of them have some features to connect with the wireless keyboard at some points.Tablets usually have 9-10 inch screens and they’re unable to provide themselves anough ports and connectors like laptops.

Tablets usually run a same operating system which is also used by smartphones made by the same company. For example, iPad runs a iOS version – the one which is also used by iPhone. Similarly, some tablets have Android versions like those are used on many other Android smartphones.

Generally, tablet is not as powerful or as easy to be used in business fields as laptops. They lack of processing power, connection ability and other screen options, plus, there will be lack of expected applications. Moreover, business soft-ware which are used in the office can be unavailable in those versions run on tablets.

However, tablets can still find their own ways to offices, meetings, conferences all over the country and the world. For presentations, accessing email, workshops and taking notes, tablets would be perfect.

In fact, the tablet which is so called “convertible” is the one has the special design to fix some general problems of tablets. Some can be convertible like Lenovo ThinkPad X Series Tablet provides lots of laptops features, but in the machine that the screen rotate and plat fold in front of the keyboard – turn into a slate tablet that use stylus as input equipment.

Tablet prices can be different, some of them are tablets based on the smartphone operating systems while the others are complete laptops (even though they’re small) which have touch screen can be folded or slided.

Inspiron duo starting prices at $550 while Lenovo ThinkPad X-Series Tablet (actually is a complete laptop, with Intel Core i3 microprocessor and run the 64bit version of Windows 7) start at about $2.000


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