Sony Xperia Ion LTE Battery Test

9/6/2012 9:23:59 AM

The test on the battery of Xperia ion version distributed by AT&T gave a medium result though web-browsing ability was pretty good.

Description: Xperia ion LTE’s battery has a capacity of 1,900 mAh

Xperia ion LTE’s battery has a capacity of 1,900 mAh

The AT&T version of Xperia ion is different from the worldwide version in high speed 4F LTE supporting. Either version is all equipped with a Qualcomm Snapdragon S3 dual-core processor (1.5GHz) with 4.5inch screen (1,260x720 pixels).

With fair specs and an average screen size, 1,900mAh battery, as usual, cannot ensure a long operation.

Description: Talk time result

Talk time result

In the first test, Xperia ion LTE’s talk time via 3G was almost forgotten with only 5 hours 22 minutes. It ranked nearly at the bottom among untested smartphones.

This was the worst performance of Xperia ion LTE in all four tests.

Description: Web browsing result

Web browsing result

However, in web browsing test, the LCD screen with LED backlight of the model was very energy-saving. The device was able to handle within 5 hours and 56 minutes before the battery was run out.

This result has brought Xperia ion LTE among those smartphones that have best web browsing time.

Description: Video playback result

Video playback result

In video playback test, this phone showed a mediocre performance in 6 hours and 3 minutes. Xperia ion LTE ranked at the same position of Galaxy, Nexus and Sensation XL.

For one hour of talking, web browsing and video playing per day, the user has to fully recharge the battery after 31 hours using. This number didn’t reach the average of our tested models.

The battery result of Xperia ion LTE didn’t surprise us due to our first predication for its specs. However, with an improvement in talk time, the product deserves a better performance.

Description: Daily test

Daily test


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