The Life After MobileMe (Part 2) - How to choose a new webhost once MobileMe has been closed

9/20/2012 7:14:15 PM

How to choose a new webhost once MobileMe has been closed

Many Mac-friendly webhosts have been welcoming your iWeb site.

By the end of MobileMe, Mac users are now finding new homes for their sites, especially those made in iWeb. Pick out one among thousands of hosting company seems discouraging. Don’t panic! Here are some tips for you to select a new host provider and move your site to a new home.

What do we need to look for?

The type of hosting service appealing to most MobileMe’s refugees is shared hosting where a lot of website and domain that shared resources of every physical computer connected to the Internet. It is not pricey except for website having high storage and confidential information. This is a good choice for most regular users as well as small business.

First, it is a good new that finding a Mac-supported webhost is very easy. Despite any server’s operation, they all have the same operation. If you are a user who is well-informed about technology and able to discover everything, you will easily choose a provider with no worry about how much it is familiar with Mac.

However, in case you are a Mac user having less knowledge, you will find it comfortable when picking a company which understanding your particular demand. A search of “web hosting familiar with Mac” may confuse you with so many results.

If you visit a provider’s site and see symbol of Mac and iCloud in its home page or read an article about how company’s people use Mac, you will feel more confident that it bears some relation to Mac OS. In case you don’t see any clear welcome mat on the company’s website, let’s visit it “support page” and do a quick search for Mac. Will there be many results and views? It may be a good sight.

Enthusiasm for Mac, of course, doesn’t ensure a good experience. A hosting company having poor customer service and bad work result is not what you need, regardless of its Mac authorization. Try doing an online search about its name along with viewpoints and comments about experience from its various customers. Be careful with reviews that are too either negative or positive because you can find the truth somewhere in the middle.

Hosting companies

If you prefer some suggestions (of considered companies) for a start, here are some names. We did have personal experience with the first three names though all of them should be thought of.

o   MacAce is a well-known nation-wide webhost provider with long lists of features and customer supporter well-informed of Mac OS. Hosting’s price starts at $7.5 per month, including cloud clustered hosting and free incremental back-ups.

o   If you are looking for a good deal, 1&1 offer 6 free months for your webhost. Although it only gives selective packs, it is worth being tried. Its basic pack costs $4 per month and offers 5 GB web space and unlimited bandwidth.

o   Fasthosts is another web hosting service in England. This service provides 24/7 support and its data center will make sure to keep all your information safe and confidential. Starting price is $5 per month, including 15 GB web space and unlimited bandwidth.

o   However, you don’t have to restrict yourself with England service providers. For instance, FatCow offers unlimited bandwidth and storage plus no configuration’s fee. Its pack’s price starts at $6.5 per month (pay for 3 years in advance) with lower starting cost.

o   Little Oak is a small business providing “hosting service for Mac users” (though it is run on Linux servers) for cost of least $80 per year. The price includes 5GB space and 50GB monthly bandwidth. This host also ensures 100% of fulltime operation.

o   MacHighway, like Little Oak, announced their slogan “web hosting for Mac users, by Mac users” (and also uses Linux servers). Its most budget pack costs $29 ($2.45 per month, pay in advance) and offers 5GB storage with unlimited bandwidth.

As mentioned above, a good strategy is to follow suggestion of the company whose software you are using. For example, A2 Hosting is for Sandvox or else Little Oak is for RapidWeaver.

Transfer an iWeb site

If you are using iWeb to publish website on MobileMe, you can easily move it to the new provider.

1.    Start iWeb and select your website in the program’s sidebar.

2.    From Publish To menu, choose FTP Server (instead of MobileMe).

3.    In FTP Server setting, select specific protocol (FTP with TLS/SSL or not, or SFTP). Then input server’s address, username and password (with any required detail) that are provided by your new webhost. Press Test Connection to confirm your setting.

4.    Input your site’s URL. (Note: if you are using a custom domain with MobileMe, you will have to edit domain’s DNS settings to direct it to new host instead of Fortunately, the company where you have registered your domain may help to do this).

5.    Click on Publish Site.

Mac-friendly webhosts



Monthly fee

Set-up fee





Based on specific pack



A2 Hosting






$6.5 (advance payment for three years)







15 GB


Little Oak



5 GB

50 GB per month




1 GB

1 GB per month




5 GB



Description: MacHighway is among webhosts that aims at achieving market share of MobileMe.

MacHighway is among webhosts that aims at achieving market share of MobileMe.

How to host your iWeb site to Dropbox

If you have been using MobileMe, you should know that your files, folders and account information are disappearing.

When you are well aware of what to do with personal stuff like files and folders, you may not know how to treat your website hosted by MobileMe. An option is to transfer these files to one free Dropbox account. The service’s abilities let you perform online file sharing. You can also use it to host webs. While this is not the best solution, it appears useful until you find out an appropriate design tool and a permanent webhost.

If you use iWeb to create website, don’t just drag and drop file from iDisk to your desktop. Instead, use an iWeb feature letting you export website to a local folder. Here comes the process:

1.    Run iWeb. In sidebar, select which website you want to export in Dropbox.

2.    In export section, open “Publish To” menu and change it from MobileMe to Local Folder.

3.    Under Folder Location, select your desktop. Leave website’s URL blank.

4.    Create a free Dropbox account. In case you don’t have one, go to then click on Sign In button in the left. Below login sections is a link for creating new account.

a.   Once you finish signing up, Dropbox app will start to be downloaded to your Mac. When it is completed, run the app then log in.

b.   Dropbox Public folder, helping to host web, is designed to let you share one available public URL easily without any specific configuration.

5.    Define Public folder in your Dropbox folder, then move iWeb folder on desktop to Public folder. For each file transferred into Public folder, Dropbox automatically creates a public URL to share with people. Before going on, make sure that Dropbox is running. Confirm that you do see Dropbox folder in menu bar.

6.    Dropbox only provides public links for file not for folder. Thus, you need to control-click the index.html file of the website whose link you want to share. Select Dropbox in pop-up contextual menu, and then select Copy Public Link.

7.    Paste this link onto your web browser and it now finish – Dropbox is now hosting your iWeb site.

Description: Host with Dropbox: Until you find a permanent host to replace MobileMe, Dropbox offers a refuge.

Host with Dropbox: Until you find a permanent host to replace MobileMe, Dropbox offers a refuge.

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