Birds Of Prey (Part 1) - Flight, Gaze, Eagle silhouette

6/25/2012 5:20:08 PM

DP reader Paul Stephens spent the day with birds of prey and pro photographer Lewis Philips.

Capturing birds of prey

Description: Capturing birds of prey

Capturing a native bird of prey as it soars across the countryside is a familiar photo wish for many enthusiast wildlife photographers. However, finding such amazing sights in the wild is not so easy or even a guaranteed occurrence in your local area. This issue, Digital Photographer teamed up professional photographer Lewis Phillips ( to offer one lucky reader the chance to photograph some of these incredible birds up-close.

Taking a trip over to the stunning Kent countryside, our reader Paul Stephens was fortunate enough to go on a one-to-one workshop day with Lewis at the Eagle Heights Wildlife Park ( With access to some of its most majestic birds of prey,  Paul was able to photograph their natural behaviour and get some great shots of the birds up-close and even while in flight. Thanks to a well-organised and full itinerary. Paul was able to take home a variety of great wildlife photographs for his portfolio.

Lewis’s workshops offer a completely unique shooting opportunity, catering to all photographers whether you’re at a beginner or professional level. What’s more, as well as showing you all the essential camera settings and composition rules on the day, Lewis also shares his passion for conservation.

The Bird of Prey workshop runs regularly on the third Sunday of every month, but book early to secure you place. Lewis also runs other group workshops and one-to-one sessions on request. To see what other workshops are available and get further information on dates and pricing, please visit his website:


Description: Flight

Paul Stephen’s comment: ‘I like how this shot shows of Skye’s huge wing span as she makes use of the thermals in the air to glide effortlessly. Unfortunately the sky was only grey that tday, as I think a blue sky would really add to this photo’

Lewis Phillips’ critique: ‘Paul got a good shot of Skye in flight. It’s been well-exposed with room around the subject to breathe and it’s also sharp where it matters’


Description: Gaze

Paul Stephens’ comment: ‘Before setting off on a flight, Skye spent her time studying the fields around her time studying the fields around her; in this shot I wanted to capture the thoughtful expression on her face as she contemplates her next move’

Lewis Phillips’ critique: ‘This is a great portrait shot of the bird with a good depth of field and, most importantly, a sharp eye.’

Eagle silhouette

Description: Eagle silhouette

Lewis pointed out that lighting is key and that you sometimes have to be very patient and wait for the right time to capture the scene. For his image above, Lewis underexposed the shot slightly to give the image more of a silhouette effect.

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