Motorola Xoom 2 Media Edition

3/28/2012 7:01:04 PM

Motorola Xoom 2 Media Edition

Description: Description: Motorola Xoom 2 Media Edition

An acceptable product

Xoom 2 Media Edition is the latest effort of Motorola and basically is the minimized version of Xoom 2 because it has a more compact 8.2-inch monitor. Moreover, with the size of 216x140x8.9mm and weight of 388g, it is easier for you to bring it along than its 10-inch brother and iPad 2. However, it is not as mobile as BlackBerry PlayBook or Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 inch, and you will struggle to stuff it into a jacket’s pocket.

Not surprisingly, Motorola chose to attach itself to the similar design for Xoom 2 Media Edition which it already introduced in Xoom 2 10in. This means that tablets have some removed parts with volume controllers and power button in the back along the right edge. We are not big fans of this arrangement because of many times having to grop around before pressing it.

The arrangement of logos and camera shows that the equipment is created to use mainly in portrait mode, unlike the 10in version. However, we still find that we are using the device in landscape mode to view the site and video.

If considering that the device is advertised as a communication device, it seems to be strange that Motorola uses portrait mode as a default. We also find it easy to cover the loudspeaker and muffle the sound when holding the device in landscape mode, and it is not ideal when watching videos without headphones.


In addition to the smaller screen size, all of the technical functions of Xoom 2 Media Edition is similar to the older brother. Both have dual core 1.2GHz processor and Android 3.2 Honeycomb and 16GB of built-in storage. The device also keeps 8.2inch 1200x800 resolution, despite the smaller screen. This makes the screen quality is impressive although we feel you must keep full brightness.

The device is easy to hold by both hands and typing on the keyboard Android is relatively easy, although you may have to stretch to reach the middle characters. Performance of the tablet is quite smooth and we see that Xoom 2 Media Edition can handle HD video without shock. However, web browsing is somewhat erratic. 8.2-inch screen is capable of full web page layout, but the browsing speed is inconsistent, especially when playing Adobe Flash content. We also see the site regularly pulled back when pinching to zoom and swipe.

Although 3.2 Honeycomb is more useful, the lack of Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich from the beginning is another disappointment and will bother users who expect for the latest software in the latest device.

The majority of connecting ability of Xoom 2 is kept in this model, which makes it so impressive.

Motorola provides microUSB gates and HDMI output as well as 1 IR gate and DLNA connection. We are disappointed with the lack of 3G connection, and if considering that the device is advertised as a tablet consuming mobile media, this is a big deficiency.

Despite the fact that we highly evaluate the connecting capability of tablet with other remote devices, it does not really work on the road due to a minimization of 3G. You can connect a tablet with a smartphone, but with the slow internet speed and data limitation within the nation, it is uncertain that you will transmit the remote content on the road.

Motorola put 3900mAh battery in 8.2in tablet comparing to 7000mAh battery in the bigger Xoom 2. Considering the resolution screen similar to 10-inch family and multi-media features are included, unsurprisingly that the battery duration is poor. You will see from 3 to 5 hours of playing media when full brightness is opened. Even web browsing can also drain the battery quickly, and the device does not provide long battery life as iPad 2. However, if being used in moderation, you can use the device in one day.

If considering that the 8.2-inch device’s technical features are similar to Xoom 2 and more mobile, we prefer this device, regardless of its shorter battery life.

However, iPad 2 is still the better device when it comes to performance and quality of applications while users want 3G and Android tablet 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich at the beginning may want to wait for the next issue.

We say: “Mobile, good monitor, HDMI output, no 3G, no microSD”.

Total: 4 stars


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