The New iPad

3/28/2012 7:01:03 PM

The New iPad

Finally, the wait ends. Apple launched the third generation of iPad. And we have all details.

After all wait, it is not called iPad 3, or iPad 2S, or iPad 2 HD, or any other name discussed on web. It is just simply named as “iPad”.

But do not take mistake. It is a completely new and greatly interesting product: the third version of Apple’s extremely famous tablet. While its name does not inspire and its frame is mainly similar to iPad 2, it has quite many upgrades.

First, the secret kept at least before it was launched turns out to be real: the new iPad has quad-resolution screen: double the number of pixels of each side, which gives you a lively 2048x1536p screen. This means provided that you hold the new iPad at a distance of 15 inches instead of 10 inches as you want with a smartphone as iPhone, you have what Apple calls Retina screen. The pixels are arranged so tightly that you cannot recognize you are watching a LCD created by small details so exactly.

Description: The New iPad

The new tablet also has a much improved camera, new strong A5X processor (dual-core but with quad-core graphic on chip), high-speed mobile bandwidth LTE (at least at the US), and voice command support.

Tim Cook – Apple’s CEO – announced that there was only one company that can beat iPad’s large screen and extremely fast A5 chip – and it was Apple. He could just say right.

So, this is our overall instructions about the new iPad. We have technical features, images, price at England, and gather the greatest features. And we answer all questions you may wonder about the latest product from Cupertino.

The basic details: inside the new iPad

What is changed from iPad 2? Quite many. Let us explain…

Rather thicker. The new iPad is 0.6mm thicker than iPad 2, with the thickness of 9.4mm. It is sure that you will not find the difference although iPad 2’s cover may not fit.

Weight: 652g (662g for Wi-Fi + 4G model). It is a small increase in comparison with 601g and 613g for iPad 2.

iSight camera

Now iPad has 5MP ‘iSight’ camera with 5-element lens, IR filter, and plane circuit shift installed in iPad’s new chip. Camera has auto-exposure and auto-focus, and record HD video at 1080p resolution. Like iPhone 4S’s camera, iPad’s camera has automatic face detection, automatic exposure lock, and auto-focus lock. And thanks to the new A5X chip, you have anti-shake mode.

Naming the camera ‘iSight’ sounds to be a strange idea – which brings back previous old iSight cameras. It is clear that Apple wants to recyle name as well as computer. But this is an important progress in comparison with 0.7MP back camera of iPad 2.

On the other hand, it can be better if Apple shares a liitle love for front camera, since video Skype and FaceTime discussion features can all support HD. What a pity, this camera is still fixed with 640x480 pixel.

A5X processor

iPhone 4S and iPad 2 are all based on A5 processor that has custom design of Apple. The third generation of iPad is provided strength by the new A5X chip. Acording to Phil Schiller of Apple, this new iPad also provides performance which is four times as much as Tegra 3 processor providing strength for many Android tablets thanks to new quad-core graphic process.

Apple reserves part of the event to announce so as to encourage developers to take advantage of these new features. Representers of Namco, Autodesk, and Epic Games all illustrate the upcoming art and game apps for the device.

Namco launched Skygamblers: Air Supremacy, an aerial fight for the new iPad, shows off multi-players and single-player with “console quality”, while Epic Games introduced the next game model in Infinity Blade series: Infinity Blade Dungeons. The third generation of iPad may be the base for playing game seriously.

Retina screen

As rumors, iPad’s screen has 2048x1536p resolution – more than 3 millions pixels, which is one million pixels as much as 1080p HDTV, with 264 pixels stuffed in each inch of 9.7-inch screen. The screen also has 44% better color saturation than the previous model.

Apple first introduced “Retina” screen’s definition on iPhone 4, which packs 325 pixels/inches into its 3.5-inch screen. In stead of implying one special pixel level, the term defines how normal people see the screen – at a certain distance, human’s eyes can no longer differentiate specific pixels on the device.

Description: Retina screen

Although the new iPad has lower pixel density than iPhone 4 or 4S (264 in comparison with 326), it is mainly because of screen’s size and relative distance. Users hold iPad farther to their face than iPhone.


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