Improve Your Mac (Part 8) - Master OS X Reminders

11/29/2012 5:29:24 PM

Never forget birthdays, meetings or the milk, with the help of Reminders

Skill level: Anyone can do it

It will take: 15 minutes

You’ll need: OS X Mountain Lion, iPhone/iPad/iPod touch (optional)

It’s long been possible to make to-do lists on your Mac using iCal, but OS X Mountain Lion has simplified the process by creating a separate app for this, called Reminders. Just like on the iPhone, IPad and iPod touch, this is a single- purpose app for you to create and manage your to-do lists.

Better still, using iCloud, you can manage lists from any of your Apple devices, and the changes you’ve made will appear on the others.

Description: Master OS X Reminders

Master OS X Reminders

We’ll show you how to add things to your Reminders list, set up both time- and location-based alerts, and make sure everything synchronises seamlessly using iCloud You’ll need to be running OS X 108 Mountain Lion check this by going to the Apple menu and selecting ‘About This Mac’; Version should start with 10.8.

Next, let’s make sure you’ve got iCloud set up so your Reminders will sync with your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. Go to the Apple menu and choose System Preferences. Click iCloud and if you’re not signed in, type in your Apple ID and dick Sign In > Next > Allow. Once you’re signed in, check that ‘Calendars & Reminders’ is ticked. You’ll need to sign in with the same Apple ID on any iOS device in Settings > iCloud.

Description: Never forget birthdays, meetings or the milk, with the help of Reminders

Never forget birthdays, meetings or the milk, with the help of Reminders

Quick look reminders

1.    Reminders

This lined paper shows the contents of your current list As soon as you click a box next to an entry, it’s ticked off and will be moved to the Completed list, which you’ll find if you scroll to the top.

2.    Add reminder

Click + to add a simple reminder type in the text you want and press Enter to save it to the current Reminders list.

3.    Reminders lists

Keep multiple lists. If you have an iCloud heading, lists under it will sync with your iOS devices.

4.    Add lists

Click this + button to create a new list. You’ll see a little drop-down menu appear: make sure you choose iCloud. Then give your list a name and press Enter to create it. You can add as many lists as you need.

Description: Quick look reminders

How to work with Reminders

1.    Choose a list

First click the list you want to add to. If you see an iCloud heading, make sure you add Reminders to the lists beneath iCloud (if you can’t see an iCloud heading but it’s definitely set up, then everything you see is iCloud and will sync with your iOS device).

2.    Add the Reminder

With your list selected, click the + symbol in the top corner, and you’ll see the text cursor flash on the notepaper. Type in the text and press Enter. This will create a to-do style item, which will be all you need in some cases. But in others, you may want an alert to pop up.

3.    Time-based alerts

To add a time-based alert to the reminder, hover your mouse over it and you’ll see an ‘j’ symbol. Click this to bring up alert specific settings. The section we’re interested in is the ‘Remind me’ bit at the top. Tick the box next to ‘On a Day’ to bring up a date and time.

4.    Set the date and time

Click the date to bring up a calendar view, browse to the date you want to be alerted, and click your day of choice. Then click the hour and type your own time, followed by the minutes. When you click Done, you’ll see your time and date below your Reminder item.

5.    Location-specific alerts

A nifty feature of Reminders is it can alert you when you enter or leave a specific location. This works with your Mac and any iOS device you have — provided you’ve allowed Reminders access to your machine’s location. Click the ‘i’ symbol then the At a Location checkbox.

6.    Where to alert

Tick the ‘At a Location’ box to bring up a text field. So long as you’re connected to the internet. you can type a postcode or street name; press .‘ and click it in the list that appears. You can decide whether you want alerts when you arrive at or leave that location.

7.    Be alerted!

When the time (or place) comes for an alert, it’ll appear in the top-right corner of your Macs screen and on your iPhone or iPad. Click it to go to Reminders, where the due time/place will be red, indicating it’s overdue. Tick it off by clicking the box to its left.

8.    Manage your items

If you’ve got lots of lists, move things between them by right clicking them (two finger click on a trackpad) and choosing the name of the destination from the ‘Move to List’ submenu. Edit a Reminder by clicking the text in the list or by clicking the ‘1’ at the end of the bar.

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