Adobe Acrobat Pro XI - Significant Increase For PDF Management

2/14/2013 9:20:00 AM

As it has become standard at this time, the updated Adobe of Acrobat upgrades main Creative Suite. Acrobat Pro XI is available to be rent through the Creative Cloud or as an independent shopping, while its predecessor, Acrobat X Pro, is packed with CS 5.5 and 6.0.

Adobe Acrobat Pro XI

Adobe Acrobat Pro XI

However, for some users, especially those who are responsible for the design and evaluation of PDF, there is some good reason to upgrade. Most of them are found in the Tools section.

Easier to edit

For example, when you click "Edit Text & Images", every content in the PDF is divided into frames which can be adjusted. Clicking any frame will bring a cross at the top of arrow allows you to move content, with Smart Guides to help you organize.

A caret is automatically applied when you click in the first frame, allows you to remove, replace or add text; framework can also be resized. With each change, the text automatically flows accordingly.

You can add to the page a new block of text or images, or swap the image by using the Replace Image. In addition, there is a basis for formatting text and image content, with the tools available to context-aware. A group of options extending format are available by clicking the Plus button.

New editing capabilities allow you to perform an action to find and replace text throughout the PDF, even though it only offers a replacement of every word. The text is replaced by using the currently selected font in the Format palette, making the process more slowly.

There is a controversial issue that you cannot edit PDF imported in Adobe InDesign if you do not use plug-ins. It has been addressed in part by this new workflow. Of course, the next thing you will want to know is that you can prevent anyone messing up your layout. Fortunately, Protection menu at the bottom of the Tools area provides quick access to Restrict Editing tool, which allows you to set up and immediately apply the encryption of password to prevent anyone from editing the document.

Tools area also has the "Export File To ..." which allows you to convert PDF to PowerPoint documents. Document format is still intact, so this feature will save time in recreating or retyping the information for one slide show. The resulting file can be edited in PowerPoint as it is a natural performance.

Guided Actions is another enhancement provided in the Tools area, and walk you through the popular PDF workflow management. You can use the presets or set Actions for other people to follow by dragging and dropping the tools in the Action pane Step.

Integration with Adobe's EchoSign technology has enhanced workflow of Acrobat's digital signature. The signature typed, handwritten and image-based is available, as well as the signature certificated. You can send one document signed through EchoSign or save the file in the cloud. You can also specify that the document must be signed by other people - the system can monitor the process and alert you when the file received electronic signature.

Accessing the cloud has also been integrated into the Open box / Save on most windows XI and Adobe Acrobat Reader. This means that any document library in SharePoint and Office 365 can be accessed as if it were stored on an external hard drive, with check-in/check-out utility for the file shared.

There is also greater support for creating and processing forms through the desktop version of Forms Central. It is very fast and efficient, with an extensive range which is easy-to-customize. Forms Central allows the current form to be scanned and converted into PDF format.

PDF creation and collection

Create options have been expanded, and now you can combine multiple file types in a PDF or Portfolio. Acrobat Pro XI can also collect Microsoft Office files (as long as the software is installed on your computer) and standard image formats. The search and editing new content tools is also present.

During the conversion process, Acrobat temporarily open the main application to save the individual documents in PDF, which does not seem to work with older versions of Microsoft Word.

Capability of PDF creation by one-button from Microsoft Office is available for Windows. Mac users should select Save As PDF in the Print dialog box or install CUPS-PDF driver.

New tools editing the content of Acrobat Pro XI permanently remove static PDF.

New tools editing the content of Acrobat Pro XI permanently remove static PDF.


·         Price: 717 USD, including VAT

·         Website:


System Requirements

·         1.3GHz processor

·         Windows XP/Server/Vista/7/8/Mac OS X 10.6.4 or later

·         512MB of RAM

·         Disk space 1.85GB

·         1024x768 display



·         Acrobat Pro XI offers a significant increase for the management of PDF, and those who have to buy CS 5.5 or more can feel to be cheated. These features include digital signatures organized properly, export to PowerPoint and automation of Guided Actions in Photoshop style. Meanwhile, the "Edit Text & Images" permanently removes static PDF.

·         The helpful: 3.5 / 5

·         Features: 4/5

·         Value: 3/5

·         Total: 4/5



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