HP Ultrabook Envy 4

8/29/2012 1:15:05 AM

Envy 4 Ultrabook is a medium laptop of HP. It is nicely designed, light, and not too thick (under 2 cm).

The design is not so different from result versions with the screen lid made of metal and vertical scratchy veins. This design is favorable because it delivers a feeling of luxury and strength. The only drawback is the fingerprints will be stick to the lid too much.

Description: HP Ultrabook Envy 4

HP Ultrabook Envy 4

Different from the upper lid, the lower part is made of plastic and covered with velvet so when you touch it, you will feel soft, not solid as the ordinary plastic. The laptop doesn’t have many USB ports, only 3 ports and they are located on both 2 sides. 1 USB port is located on the right side, and other basic connection ports are present. The height of ports is identical to that of paths, so it looks nice and tidy, not too crude like previous versions of HP. The cooling net is long and located in the back. This position helps us to use the laptop comfortably without heating our hands.

Description: The keyboard design is favorable, too.

The keyboard design is favorable, too.

The keyboard design is favorable, too. It is regular in shape, big and easy to press. However, the elasticity is not high so the feeling of pressing is not very good. Together with keyboard, the inner side of screen, lid, touchpad, and wrist rest are made in beautiful black; the wrist rest is made of metal and the touchpad is made raised. Despite the unique design, the usage is not so good. Sometimes, you have to drag the mouse a lot and then, you finger will touch the touchpad path uncomfortably. The surface of touchpad has a special point: it has many concentric circles close to each other. It may be invisible, but you can feel the veins with your fingers. The feeling of dragging the mouse is normal: good speed and not too much friction. The upper side of keyboard has a rather big speaker using Beats Audio sound system which delivers loud and clear sounds.


Intel Core i5-3317U Ivy Bridge (3M cache, 1.7GHz, Turbo Boost to 2.6GHz)

Windows 7 Home Premium (64-bit)


500GB HDD + 32GB mSATA

14-inch HD BrightView LED Screen, 1,366x768

Intel Graphics 4000

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